Helping Georgia businesses become leaders in blockchain technology. 

Our Mission is to help bridge builders, corporate partners, investors, and community with emerging technology of blockchain and decentralized applications. Serving to educate and connect Georgia citizens about the technology and the capabilities it brings to industry and locality. 

Georgia Businesses

Many businesses might not understand or know about the technology. In addition, some businesses might not have plans right now to integrate or adopt blockchain technology. Blockchain requires understanding of fundamentals of its process, security law, value exchange, decentralized governance before taking the risk of facing wasted investment, or rejection of a technology, when they rush into this type of deployment.

The Coalition is here to help guide and connect Georgia businesses to experience optimal opportunity and success with blockchain technology.

Georgia Blockchain Objectives

Industry Adoption

The adoption of blockchain is under way across many sectors, across the globe, the U.S., and Georgia. Numerous industries have begun utilizing blockchain technologies and seeing results.  

It's just a matter of time until blockchain is as standard in business as your cell phone. That's why we founded the GBC. To support Georgia's citizens, communities, cities, and companies. 


We aim to improve ease of doing business in Georgia and streamline the process of establishing and operating an organization with blockchain and/or cryptocurrency.

These advances will help to enable efficient digital and decentralized innovation covering all facets of a business and investments to assist in ensuring regulatory compliance with Georgia law’s.


Much like the technology, community includes participants across different local areas, organizations and interests.

Blockchain is designed as a community of contributors across borders rallying around a similar principle providing trust, transparency and decentralization on a global measure.

It is important to help communities grow with the right resources, capital and networking opportunities to make it even more valuable for every citizen of Georgia to join.

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